Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CAPIO - Day One

This year's CAPIO conference is at the Hilton on Mission Bay in San Diego.

Yesterday (Tuesday) there were a couple of pre-conference workshops and some of us had a chance to catch up.

Here's (left to right) Erin Blount, communications and media officer for First 5 Sacramento; Scott Summerfield, a principal at SAE Communications; and Michelle Powell, communications coordinator for Union Sanitation District.

As seems to be my tradition, my camera battery was dead so I used my Treo. I'm staying at my daughter Jessica's house in Chula Vista while I'm here, so on my way down last night I stopped at RiteAid and picked up reinforcements.

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Cafe Observer said...

You caught that 3some by surprise!
Right place @ de Right time! The skill of a great shutterladybug! Great shot, Ann.