Friday, April 17, 2009

CAPIO -- Day Three

Yesterday (Thursday) was the long day at the CAPIO conference. First there was a full day of seminars from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

I went to four, back-to-back, including Advanced Digital Photography.

I learned how to take better pictures shortly after I took this photo!

After a reception at the end of the day with a little wine and crudite and the obligatory door prizes, it was time for the annual awards dinner.

Did I enter anything in competition this year? No. Why? Because I got so busy that I missed the deadline.

Oh, well. The honorees were all well-deserving.

I sat at a table with long-time friends Judy Rambeau Franz, former PIO for the City of Santa Monica (retired) and Mike Stover, former PIO for the City of Lakewood (also retired). I've known Judy for about 20 years and Mike for nearly that long.

The final presentation -- the big ta-dah -- was the winner of the Paul B. Clark Award. This is given, not necessarily ever year, to the PIO in California who, in the judgment of the CAPIO board of directors, demonstrates exceptional leadership in the field through professional commitment, including the mentoring of others and fostering a greater understanding of the PIO function among colleagues, community and the media.

My dear friend Heather Morris (second from right), who is the director of communications at the Port of Long Beach, was honored with the award this year.

Judy Franz, Mike Stover, Scott Summerfield (left) and I presented Heather with the award, which came as a big surprise to her. Heather is humble that way. When this picture was taken we couldn't find Mike!

Judy, Mike, Scott and I are Paul B. Clark Award recipients from years past.

Then I was off to my parents' house in Bonita where I spent last night and will spend tonight. Even though they are happily in Heaven, it still seems very odd not to have them here whenever I arrive.

Home on Saturday, then on a plane Sunday morning to Memphis!

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Cafe Pasadena said...

Now, I know why I've heard next to nothing from CA govt this week in the media. It's been a very quiet, calm week!

PIO, I can see why some of the female bloghers want your "job." Watch your back if I were you.