Friday, August 14, 2009

Preview the New CityOfPasadena.Net

The new and improved will be launched the middle of next week and a preview is on the site now!

One click on the orange “Preview New City Web” button leads to an online example of how the remastered site will operate. Click on “Comments and Suggestions” to provide input and feedback on the preview.

The redesigned website will feature a clean, uncluttered design that incorporates iconic images drawn from across Pasadena. Flexible navigation options will allow users to click on slider controls at the top of the home page to view many new pages developed around themes for residents, visitors, business and government. Links organized along these themes will also be in the footer section at the bottom of every page.

The “Quick Links” and “Online Services” areas at the right side of the page will offer drop-down menus that will allow users to click on most-requested items, information about city departments and services, and elected officials.

Those who can’t find what they’re looking for will be able to use the powerful search box at the upper right-hand corner of every page. With just a few quick clicks, the upgraded navigation will get users to the specific pages they need.

Organization will be improved throughout the site, including press releases and latest news, an “FYI Pasadena” section with key announcements about items of broad community interest, and an interactive calendar with events happening in and around Pasadena.

Based on a new content management system, the new provides more flexibility to position and maintain content throughout the site for more effective communications.

After the launch of the improved website next week, additional features and functions will continue to appear on the site as the project moves forward.


Cafe Pasadena said...

I can't see how it can't be anything else but an improvement, to say de least, on the current site.

Susan C said...

Gee, first the LA Times and now the City of Pasadena. Who's next?

I love the makeover.

Anonymous said...

I like the font the web designer used on "Pasadena" Now can you get PCC to fix that mess of a site?

Helen said...

I hope the new site is not all Flash. It's painful to wait for the preview to download.

Margaret said...

Wow. Sounds great.

Petrea said...

Will take a look when I've got a minute. (Although I must say I'm with Helen.) For now, I just want to say it's good to have you back online and I hope there's some mystery history on the docket for tomorrow. :)

Grant D. (Website Administrator) said...
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Grant D. said...

The Crown City News site is soon to follow Ann!